Services and Consulting

Cartalytics has a team of highly experienced scientists and software engineers to tackle your spatial data problems, develop customized software solutions, and to teach you how to use our platform.
At our offices in Missoula, MT, USA we can offer advanced spatial data interpretation services.
For more information please contact us: [email protected]

Research & Development

Cartalytics works continuously to improve and extend the functionality of the platform. We rely on user feedback and industry funding to develop and improve platform in a user-driven way, specific to your needs.
In all platform developments, our clients accept that general functionalities end up in the Cartalytics platform and are available to all Cartlaytics users. In limited circumstances plugins might be released to the funding party only.
The Cartalytics platform speeds up spatial data interpretation, since it easily combines a multitude of data formats and separate programs, that are now slowing down progress. Cartalytics functions as the critical link that brings everyone and everything together, hence securing continuity, and fast progress and decision making.
For more information contact us: [email protected]