Our goal at Cartalytics is to remove technology barriers that restrict the use of spatial data analysis. Just drag and drop multiple raster and vector files independent of projection or scale into the Cartalytics platform and start working. Access your project from anywhere and any device by just using a web browser. We make sure your data is secure and only accessible to you. Cartalytics means true spatial data integration in one easy to use platform.


Use the intuitive Cartalytics visualization tools to build your maps in real-time, integrating vector and raster data. Cartlaytics includes unique data selection options that help you to get more out of your data and create better maps; constrain your data by simply using our unique slider bars; apply a confidence factor by weighing your data layers. Upload geo-tagged images from any location enabled device such as your smart phone, tablet, or drone. Cartalytics means intuitive, real-time mapping and data visualization.


Cartalytics enables the user to be in charge of the data analysis and harvest the knowledge of experience. Select an area on your map using multiple selection options and dive deeper into your data. View cross plots, choose regression modes, compare geo-statistical sample areas, with just one click. Cartalytics means empowering the “Human in the Loop” in Big Data analysis.


We believe in teamwork. Cartalytics allows you to store multiple analytical and visualization solutions on the fly. Simply share those links with your team members or clients. Work with your team worry free. The Cartalytics platform is cloud based and is secured using state of the art end to end encryption protocols. Export data and maps to use in other software by simply clicking the download button. Cartalytics means ultimate flexibility and simplifying teamwork.

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