We believe in teamwork. Cartalytics allows you to store multiple analytical and visualization solutions on the fly. Simply share those links with your team members or clients. Work with your team worry free. The Cartalytics platform is cloud based and is secured using state of the art end to end encryption protocols. Export data and maps to use in other software by simply clicking the download button. Cartalytics means ultimate flexibility and simplifying teamwork.

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Multiple Variable Grouping

Share in real-time

Enterprise Level Security and Support

Hide/Restrict Data Viewing

Cloud Based

Download Data and Maps

OS Agnostic (mobile friendly)

Data Analysis Re-Imagined

Spatial Data Analysis Re-Imagined. Spatial data analysis is not new, but the use of spatial data analytical software often requires intimate knowledge of the software, and can only be used by a specialist. The Cartalytics Platform empowers the user to customize, visualize, and analyze spatial data instantly and dynamically from wherever you are. Be in charge of your data and make decisions faster.