Why Choose Cartalytics?

Powerful and Intuitive

Cloud Based

OS Agnostic (mobile friendly)

Attractive Maps

Advanced Analytics

Share in real-time

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Integrate any type of spatial data

Cartalytics handles any data that is spatially referenced or that can be spatially referenced. Visualize and analyze market data and engineering data all in one place.
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Dynamic Visualization

Dynamic Visualization
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Analyze and visualize data

Easy to Use. Upload vector and raster data. Adjust and weigh parameters dynamically to analyze and visualize multiple “what if” scenarios in real time. Gain greater insights using the Data Analysis Toolbox.
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Share and access data from anywhere

The Cartalytics system is web based and can be deployed and accessed using a standard web browsers on any system, from anywhere.
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Data Analysis Re-Imagined

Spatial Data Analysis Re-Imagined. Spatial data analysis is not new, but the use of spatial data analytical software often requires intimate knowledge of the software, and can only be used by a specialist. The Cartalytics Platform empowers the user to customize, visualize, and analyze spatial data instantly and dynamically from wherever you are. Be in charge of your data and make decisions faster.